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SATAKE's History


  • Riichi Satake, the first President, invents and initiates the production and sales of Japan's first power driven rice milling machine.


  • Satake develops an ultra-hard abrasive roll to mill a special variety of rice for brewing sake.


  • Satake successfully produces high-speed milling machines using abrasive rolls.


  • The second President, Toshihiko Satake, publishes "The Theory of Rice Milling." This work is the basis from which the rice processing technology of today has evolved.


  • Riichi Satake is awarded the Blue Ribbon Medal for his inventions which contributed to improving rice milling. This is the first such award to anyone in the agricultural processing sector.


  • Toshihiko Satake is awarded the Blue Ribbon Medal for his achievements in inventing rice milling machines.


  • The Pearlmaster Rice Milling Machine is invented. Practically 100% of the mills in Japan adopted this machine. The Pearlmaster is the first rice milling machine to be exported from post war Japan.


  • The Company develops the One-pass Rice Milling Machine for use by farmers.


  • The Company receives the agricultural equipment sector's first Good Design Award "G mark" from the Ministry of International Trade and Industry of Japan.


  • Riichi Satake is honored with the Fourth Order of Merit for his achievements in promoting the advancement of science and technology.


  • The Satake Compass Rice Milling System enables the Japanese government to implement its plans for centralized large-scale rice milling facilities. As a result of the government's endorsement, the Satake Compass became the rice milling system for the majority of rice mills in Japan.


  • The Satake Compass Rice Milling System is supplied to all 30 of the plants designated by the Ministry of Agriculture of Japan as model rice milling facilities.


  • The first three country elevators in Japan are designed and built by Satake. These became model plants for the agriculture sector.


  • The Company introduces the direct motor driven One-pass Rice Milling Machine for small farmers.


  • The Company develops the Tempering Dryer that dries rice up to ten times faster than previous dryers.

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