ISO Certification and Accreditation

Satake's goal is to provide products and services that create new value and profits, and to satisfy our customers. It is essential that our products and services are environmentally friendly, high quality and safe. We also believe that it is our corporate social responsibility to reduce the environmental impact, and maintain and improve information security in our business activities. To achieve these goals reliably and efficiently, Satake fully utilizes the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) management system.


Quality and Environmental Policy

Satake Corporation serves all people around its companies by developing and supplying products and services and by conducting its business activities with consideration of global environmental protection based on the "company motto".

  • Satake Corporation maintains and keeps improving its ISO management system to achieve its quality and environmental policy.
  • Satake Corporation provides products and services that respond to customer needs and expectations, and earns customer confidence by pursuing the qualities "Safe", "Secure", "Tasty" and "Healthy".
  • Satake Corporation adheres to the laws and regulations and the agreed upon requirements of local residents.
  • Satake Corporation attempts to reduce environmental load by promoting environmental preservation, energy conservation, resource conservation and contamination prevention in every business activity.
  • Satake Corporation works to communicate with stakeholders both inside and outside the company.


Information Security Policy

Satake Corporation serves all peoples surrounding our companies for their well-being. It does this by conducting its business activities with full consideration to their information security. In line with our “company motto” this diligence enables us to earn the confidence of both our customers and our society.

  • Satake Corporation strives to continuously improve and operate its information management system in order to fulfill this policy.
  • Satake Corporation responds to expectations and demands from its customers by providing reliable products and services, by strictly administrating information acquired through all business activities, and by utilizing these informations effectively and properly.
  • Satake Corporation provides employees with information, instruction and training in order to maintain and improve awareness of information security.
  • Satake Corporation abides by all laws and regulations regarding information security and all requirements agreed with its customers and business acquaintances.
  • Satake Corporation attempts to prevent any incidents resulting from its daily business activity by maintaining and continuously improving its information security system.


Quality Policy of Chemical Analysis

Satake Grain Analysis Center implements fair analysis with the brief that it contributes improving food culture and advancing food safety and security, through exercising high quality analysis and testing. Satake Grain Analysis Center constantly secures reliability and equitability, and aims to make customers satisfy through proper operation and improvement of the "Chemical Analysis Quality Management System".

All staffs belonging to the Center have responsibility and consciousness in their own activities and practice the following matters certainly:

  • Remain neutral at all times, conduct transparent and consistent procedures
  • Respond to customers sincerely, and protect confidential information obtained from customers
  • Maintain and improve technical competence and one's skill to provide highly reliable assaying
  • Observe strictly and improve continuously this Policy and prescribed matters in Chemical Analysis Quality System


ISO/IEC 17025 is an international standard set down to benchmark the capability of a laboratory to carry out analysis and proofreading. It demands both management and technical abilities.Capability of an organization to work to this high level is signified by the awarding of a certificate of compliance to the standard.
The gaining of such a certification testifies to Satake's ability to perform procedural analysis accurately and consistently.

Certified application :
Quantitative Analysis of Cadmium in Rice
GC/MS/MS Multiresidue Analysis of Pesticides in Rice
Quantitative Analysis of Rice Varieties Identification
Sterilization Test of Retort-Packed Rice


Food Safety Policy

Satake's goal is to serve the society by delivering "safe, secure, tasty, and healthy foods", building trust with the community and satisfying customers.

All employees practice the following.

  • Adhere to the process described in the Food Security Management System and continually review / improve it.
  • Adhere to all laws and regulations related to food safety and customer requirements.
  • Practice proactive communication inside and outside the company to convey information properly and promptly.
  • Understand this policy and exercise individual awareness and responsibility to secure food quality and safety.
  • Make plans and work on it with all employees to achieve this goal.


  • Applicable Workplace : Food Business Division(Magic Rice Factory)
  • Certification Authority : SGS Japan Inc.
  • Date of Certification : December 14, 2010
  • Scope of Certification : Food production using dehydrated rice and instant pasta.