Cultural Sponsorship

Cultural Sponsorship

Satake participates in its local community vigorously, sponsoring sports and artistic cultural activities.

Satake Memorial Hall

Commemorating 50th Anniversary of Hiroshima University, the University had constructed a multi-purpose hall by means of donation from alumni and industries.
Since the majority of donation was made by Toshiko Satake personally, the University named the hall "The Satake Memorial Hall".
This hall has 1000 seat capacity and is popular in use not only for artistic activities, such as music concerts, theatrical plays but also for academic activities, such as international conferences and symposium.
The hall is widely available to the community.

Toshihiko Satake Memorial Palm Museum

This museum was established in Ishigaki Island, Okinawa, by Satake Technical Foundation and Satake Corporation.
The second President of the company, the late Toshihiko Satake, was known as a global authority on palm trees.
He famously discovered a previously unknown palm variety growing naturally in Ishigaki Island, the palm being named "Satakentia Liukiuensis" in his honor.
The museum was built for the regional promotion of Ishigaki Island as well as the advancement of botany, exhibiting as it does the palm and palm trees that Toshihiko Satake collected and researched.

Support to Concerts

Satake has been the cosponsor to the "Daiku Hiroshima Concert" (Beethoven's Symphony No.9) since 2005.
This musical event is held with the participation of local chorus groups from Hiroshima City, who sing with the Hiroshima Symphony Orchestra.
Satake also sponsors several other musical events such as Jazz concerts and opera performances.

Holding Rakugo Event (Comic Storytelling)

Satake has held the solo-rakugo show of the rakugo master Bunchin Katsura, at the Satake Memorial Hall every November since 2003, the aim being to encourage prosperity in traditional styles of Japanese narrative art.