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Personal Information and Specific Personal Information Protection Policy

Satake Corporation and its domestic group companies (hereinafter collectively referred to as "Satake Group") considers the protection of all personal information and specific personal information handled in the course of business to be an important responsibility, and handles such information appropriately in accordance with this policy.
The terms used in this policy (including but not limited to "personal information", "personal data" and "pseudonymous personal information") shall have the meanings ascribed to them by the "Act on the Protection of Personal Information" and the "Act on the Use of Numbers to Identify a Specific Individual in Administrative Procedures" and other related laws.
For more information about Satake Group, please visit https://www.satake-group.com/about/group.html
This policy is subject to revision without notice. The revised content will be applied from the date of revision.


1. Compliance with applicable laws, regulations, guidelines, etc.

Satake Group complies with all applicable laws, regulations, guidelines, etc. regarding the handling of personal information.

2. Acquisition of personal information

Satake Group will acquire personal information through legal and fair means.

3. Utilisation Purpose

Satake Group will utilise the acquired personal information for the following purposes (however, some information may not be stated if the utilisation purpose is clear from the circumstances of the acquisition of personal information). Satake Group will not handle personal information beyond the scope necessary for these purposes, except the consent of the principal has been obtained or it is required by law.

  • Personal information concerning business partners
    1. (i) To execute, receive execution of, or manage contracts that Satake Group has entered into, such as product delivery, construction work and provision of services (including labour and safety management and employment relationship confirmation necessary for them)
    2. (ii) To conduct research and development of products and technologies
    3. (iii) To conduct business discussions and meetings and to communicate with customers
    4. (iv) To make credit decisions, manage the credit, and collect receivables in the course of transactions
    5. (v) To operate seminars, exhibitions, demonstrations, and other events, and to provide information related to these events.
    6. (vi) To conduct questionnaires, market trend surveys, etc. for the purpose of improving the quality of products and services, etc. and customer satisfaction, etc.
    7. (vii) To send prizes for prize competitions and campaigns conducted by Satake Group
    8. (viii) To provide information on Satake Group's products, services, technologies, activities, etc.
  • Personal information concerning applicants for employment
    1. (i) To conduct recruitment selection and entry procedures
    2. (ii) To conduct employment seminars, internships, etc.
    3. (iii) To conduct questionnaires, etc. related to job hunting activities
  • Personal information concerning Satake Group shareholders
    1. (i) To exercise rights and fulfil obligations under the Companies Act
    2. (ii) To send business reports and other materials distributed to shareholders
    3. (iii) For shareholder management, including the preparation of shareholder data in accordance with prescribed standards under various laws and regulations.
    4. (iv) To perform administrative work related to the preparation and submission of payment records
  • Personal information concerning Satake Group employees and retirees
    1. (i) For personnel and labour management
    2. (ii) To pay wages, bonuses, retirement benefits, company pensions, etc.
    3. (iii) To perform necessary procedures related to social insurance, etc.
    4. (iv) To process retirement and to make necessary post-retirement communications
    5. (v) To communicate necessary matters to affiliated companies, secondment companies, labour unions, health insurance associations, etc.
    6. (vi) To report necessary matters to government and public offices
    7. (vii) To send handouts, necessary documents, and other communications

4. Security control action

Satake Group will establish internal regulations and take the following security control measures to prevent leakage, loss, or damage of personal data. In the unlikely event such as an accident, Satake Group will take appropriate and prompt action.

  • Organizational security control action
    Clarification of functions, roles, responsibilities, and authority for the protection of personal data, including the establishment of a personal data controller for the handling of personal data
  • Personnel security control action
    Ensure that matters relating to the maintenance of confidentiality of personal data are included in employment regulations and written oaths, etc., and that periodic training is provided.
  • Physical security control action
    Locking and access control of the building and floors, as well as carry-out control to prevent theft of equipment, electronic media, and documents that handle personal data
  • Technical security control action
    Installation of security software and other measures on information systems and equipment that handle personal data, installation of firewalls and other systems to protect against unauthorised software or unauthorised access from outside, etc.

5. Provision to third parties

Satake Group will not provide personal data to third parties without the consent of the principal, except as required by law.

6. Entrusting

Satake Group may entrust the handling of personal data to a third party. In this case, Satake Group will appropriately select the consignee and supervise the trustee as necessary and appropriate.

7. Provision to a third party in a foreign country

When Satake Group provides personal data to a third party located in a foreign country, Satake Group will ensure that the third party has appropriate security control measures in place. In addition, Satake Group will notify the principal of the name of the country of the third party, information on the personal information protection system in that country, and information on the security control measures taken by the third party, and obtain consent of the principal.

8. Joint Utilisation

Satake Group (excluding Satake Technical Foundation in this clause) may jointly utilise personal data as follows.

  • Categories to the jointly utilised personal data
    1. (i) Information such as names, addresses, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, research details, transaction details, and transaction histories necessary for Satake Group to execute contracts, conduct research and development, and hold meetings, etc.
    2. (ii) Names, addresses, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses and other information provided by Satake Group employees, shareholders or applicants for employment
    3. (iii) Other information necessary to achieve the purposes described in clause 3.
  • Scope of jointly utilising person of party
    Satake Group
  • Utilisation purpose
    Within the scope described in clause 3.
  • Name of a person responsible for controlling personal data
    2-30 Saijo Nishihonmachi, Higashi-Hiroshima-shi, Hiroshima-ken, 739-8602, Japan
    Satake Corporation
    Kazuhisa Matsumoto
    President, Representative Director

9. Acquisition of Access Logs, etc.

Websites operated by Satake Group may use access logs, cookies, and web beacons for the purpose of improving service quality and delivering advertisements suitable for customers so that they can use the websites more conveniently.
Such access logs, cookies, and web beacons does not contain any information that identifies you personally. However, if such access logs, cookies, and web beacons can be easily cross-checked with other information to identify a specific individual, it will be treated as personal information.

  • Access logs
    This includes the domain name and IP address of the visitor, the type of browser being used, and the date and time of access.
  • Cookies
    It is information in text format that is sent from a website and stored in your browser when you visit the website.
    You can disable all cookies by changing your browser settings. If you do this, it may affect the operation of the website. Please refer to the help menu of your browser for instructions on how to change the settings.
  • Web beacons
    This technology is used to measure the number of times a particular site is accessed by embedding a small image in a website or e-mail. Web beacons can also be disabled by setting your browser.

10. Use of External Services

Some websites of Satake Group use the following external services to collect, record and analyse browsing history using cookies.
Please refer to their respective privacy policies or terms of use, etc. regarding the use of cookies for these services.
If you wish to disable cookies for a particular tool, please visit the opt-out page of the third-party company below and follow the instructions to set your cookies.

【Google Analytics】
Google Analytics Terms of Service
Google Privacy Policy
Google Analytics Opt-out Add-on

BowNow Privacy Policy
BowNow Opt-Out Add-on

In addition, based on the terms of the contract with the advertising distribution company to which Satake Group outsources the distribution of advertisements, Satake Group may disclose the information such as browsing history (not including information that identifies individuals) linked to cookies to the advertising distribution company. In this case, the advertising distribution company may use the information to display Satake Group's advertisements on other websites. Such use of information such as browsing history can be stopped by changing the settings on the website of the advertisement distribution company.

Google Ads
Yahoo! Ads

11. Pseudonymously Processed Information

Satake Group may create pseudonymously processed information that is processed in such a way that a principal cannot be identified unless it is matched with other information, and analyse and use it for the purpose of developing and improving the quality of products and services.
In addition, Satake Group may share such pseudonymously processed information. In such cases, the scope of joint utilisation and the responsible person are the same as those described in clause 8.

12. Anonymously Processed Information

Satake Group will take the following measures when creating anonymously processed information (information relating to an individual that can be produced from processing personal information so as neither to be able to identify a specific individual by taking action prescribed by laws nor to be able to restore the personal information).
 ・Appropriate processing in accordance with the standards set forth in the law.
 ・Take security control measures to prevent the leakage of deleted information and information on the method of processing in accordance with the standards set forth in the law.
 ・Make public the items of information contained in the anonymously processed information.
 ・Take no action to identify the individual whose personal information was used to create the information.
When providing anonymously processed information to a third party, Satake Group will publicly announce the items of information concerning individuals included in the anonymously processed information to be provided and the method of provision, and clearly indicate to the third party to whom the information is provided that the information is anonymously processed information.

13. Matters concerning retained personal data

  • Name, address and name of representative of personal information handling business operator
    Please visit https://www.satake-japan.co.jp/company/group.html and respective links
  • Utilisation purpose of use of retained personal data
    Same as clause 3.
  • Demand for disclosure, etc.
    When having received a demand for disclosure of retained personal data from the principal or his/her representative, Satake Group will disclose the data without delay, except in cases where such disclosure falls under any of each following item. In the event of non-disclosure or non-existence of such retained personal data, Satake Group will reply to that effect.
    1.  (i) cases in which there is a possibility of harming a principal or third party's life, body, fortune or other rights and interests
    2.  (ii) cases in which there is a possibility of interfering seriously with Satake Group implementing its business properly
    3.  (iii) cases of violating other laws or regulations
    When having received a demand for correction, addition or deletion, or for utilisation cease or deletion or ceasing a third-party provision of such retained personal data from the principal or his/her representative, Satake Group will investigate and respond to the demand in accordance with the law.
    For the procedures for such demand, please contact the contact point in the following clause.

14. Contact for questions or complaints regarding Satake Group's handling of personal information

Please visit https://www.satake-group.com/siteinfo/inquiries.html


1. Compliance with applicable laws, regulations, guidelines, etc.

Satake Group complies with all applicable laws, regulations, guidelines, etc. regarding the handling of specific personal information.

2. Security control action

Satake Group will establish and comply with internal regulations regarding security control action for specific personal information.

3. Continuous improvement

Satake Group will continue to improve this policy and internal regulations, etc. to ensure that specific personal information is properly protected.

4. Contact for questions or complaints regarding Satake Group's handling of specific personal information

Please visit https://www.satake-group.com/siteinfo/inquiries.html

Established March 25, 2005
Last revised October 1, 2022

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