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Trip to Paradise part II

February 1, 2022

February 1, 2022

Trip to paradise Part II

If you visit Ishigaki Island, be sure to stop by here as well.

This is Taketomi Island 10 minutes by ferry from Ishigaki Island.
The beach here is crystal clear. Cute water buffalos have their own names and local people adore them.


The island is made up of uplifted coral reefs, when walking along the road, the path is beautiful white.
During this visit, I learned something. Although it was simple enough to learn from a textbook.

Typhoons are a part of summer in Japan, and we suffer from their damage every year.
Ishigaki Island is no exception. However, the locals taught me something that I was unaware of.
Ishigaki Island is actually protected by coral from the typhoons. Because there is coral offshore, there are no high waves coming into the beach or shore when a typhoon hits.
Corals protects the island's beautiful oceans, releases nutrients into the sea, provides a living place for ocean lives, thus supports ecosystem.

Typhoons can cause disasters and affect crops on the land.
However, typhoons of moderate strength stir up the seawater and lower the water temperature, resulting in relieving the stress on corals. By lowering water sea temperature, typhoons prevents coral bleaching, caused by corals expelling the algae living in their tissues due to excessively warm water temperature.

When I knew that coral plays a major role in Ishigaki Island and that even typhoons have a meaning, nothing in the nature is meaningless.

I was deeply moved by the beautiful scenery of the island. And I thought with the spectacular scenery, "I want to cherish this beautiful ocean and nature."
It's nice to travel while thinking about the importance of nature.

When you think of Satake, you may have a strong image of a manufacturer involved in food such as rice and flour milling.
However, under the slogan of "effective use of unused resources," Satake also aims to build an environmentally friendly society.
Biomass gasification power generation system, Resin recycling systems, Snow and ice chamber storage facility that uses natural snow as an energy source are few of the examples of Satake's business effort in contributing towards sustainable society.

"Everything is connected."
I believe that Satake continues to be a company that protects this beautiful nature by utilizing its technology and know-how through its business fields.