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New Addition to REACH Product Line

September 4, 2019

September 4, 2019

New Addition to REACH Product Line

3 TPH semi-assembled rice processing plant



Hiroshima, Japan; September 4, 2019 - On September 4, 2019, Satake Corporation announces a new addition to its oversea product brand REACH, SYSTEM 3.0, a semi-assembled rice milling plant geared towards smaller scale rice processors mainly in Asian and African region.

The SYSTEM 3.0 is a semi-assembled rice milling plant incorporating receiving, pre-cleaning, husking, milling, optical sorting, and packing stage equipment. It is designed to maximize the installation efficiency versus cost performance by utilizing unitized components manufactured in Satake's Thailand production facility. The result is an astonishing 2 weeks of installation time compared to the usual 3 to 4 months. For regions where they experience 2 to 3 harvest time annually, this will allow rice mill owners to start up a production line before the next harvest season.

The initial REACH product line, SYSTEM 7.0, a 7 ton per hour paddy rice mill, was introduced in the market in March, 2019. The new SYSTEM 3.0 was designed with the same concept, but reduced its processing capacity to 3 ton per hour. Larger capacity mill, 14 ton per hour, will follow in the near future.

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【About REACH SYSTEM 3.0】


SYSTEM 3.0, a semi-assembled 3 TPH paddy rice milling plant

Product Features:

- Includes receiving, pre-cleaning, husking, milling, optical sorting, packing stage equipment

- Reduced installation time

- Quality rice milling and product quality control



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