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Toshiko Satake receives Doctorate Degree from Kyoto University

January 24, 2005

January 24, 2005

Toshiko Satake receives Doctorate Degree from Kyoto University

For Research of Highly Functional Rice

Toshiko Satake, Chairperson and CEO of Satake Corporation, was awarded a Doctorate in Agriculture from Kyoto University on January 24th. Her thesis research focused on the development of an efficient means for the generation of GABA, a functional element present in rice that has numerous health benefits.

GABA has a number of positive effects on health. It can lower blood pressure, suppress neutral fat, and relax stresses, and it is known to be abundant in germinated brown rice. The study compiles the results of a series of new production processes which are able to produce amounts of functional elements like GABA in milled rice and germ retained rice which are equivalent to the amounts present in germinated brown rice.

One of the technologies developed in the study has already been commercialized in the “Magic IH Rice Cooker.” The Magic IH Rice Cooker which has a Rice Activation Mode that quickly generates GABA in brown rice, germ retained rice and partially milled rice.

The thesis has contributed to the technical advancement of the industry and can improve home living for the end user.

Toshiko Satake received a honorary doctorate degree from Hiroshima University in 2001 for her contribution to the advancement of grain processing technology for rice and wheat, supporting education and research activities, and the development of international relationships.

Toshihiko Satake, the 2nd President of Satake Corporation, received a Doctorate in Agriculture from Tokyo University and Robert Satoru Satake, the 3rd President, Chairperson and CEO, also received a Doctorate in Engineering from the Tokyo University. Each company president has held and numerous researchers within the company currently hold doctorate degrees.

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