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Hyogo Prefecture Hot Spring Orders Biomass Boiler

February 15, 2010

February 15, 2010

Hyogo Prefecture Hot Spring Orders Biomass Boiler

New Addition Will Significantly Reduce Carbon Emissions

Satake recently received an order for a biomass boiler from the Mahoroba-no-Yu Hot Spring in Ichinomiya. The spring is managed by Shiso city in Hyogo Prefecture. Construction began in February and will be completed in March.

Ichinomiya Hot Spring “Mahoroba-no-Yu”

Mahoroba-no-Yu Hot Spring is a natural saltwater spring that opened in 2002. It has two baths: a cypress bath, called “Yama-no-Yu”, and a rock bath, called “Kawa-no-Yu”. Surrounded by magnificent natural scenery in the western part of Hyogo Prefecture, soaking in the abundant hot water at Mahoroba-no-Yu is a luxurious experience.

The new biomass boiler will be installed alongside a conventional kerosene boiler, just one of the measures being taken to decrease greenhouse gas emissions. The biomass boiler will be used to heat the water, and the conventional kerosene boiler will only be used during peak hours. Use of the kerosene boiler will be reduced by 90%, decreasing CO2 emissions by 234 tons per year.

Satake will provide the biomass boiler unit and supporting equipment, as well as installation, setup, and construction services. Specifications: heat: 20M kcal/h, fuel: wooden pellets, fuel consumption: 32-63kg/h

Satake has developed several environmentally-focused technologies, including biomass gasification plants and composting facilities. Environmental and energy issues have become key priorities around the world and Satake will continue to contribute in the future.

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