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Satake Installs Packed Rice Production System (Retort)

February 10, 2011

February 10, 2011

Satake Installs Packed Rice Production System (Retort)

The system installed at Nagaoka Shoji’s new plant will primarily supply the Japan Self-Defense Forces

Developed in 2009, Satake’s Packed Rice Production System (Retort) utilizes a proprietary pressurized microwave heating technology. This process applies microwave heating to rinse-free rice and water in a pressurized container. If additional ingredients are added which require sterilization, a high temperature is applied for a short time. This sterilizes the ingredients while keeping the rice lustrous, firm and tasty.

Nagaoka Shoji has delivered retort food and drinking water to more than 200 Self-Defense Forces units in the land, sea and air divisions. In 2009, its executives tried Rakumeshi and, impressed by the previously unattainable taste and texture quality, began working on a plan to enter the market. Satake’s test facilities produced a prototype sample that met the Self-Defense Force's specifications; its popularity prompted the formal decision to build the new plant. On September 17, 2010, construction began on the new plant in the Higashi-Hiroshima Industrial park. It was completed on January 11, 2011.

Currently, there are six types of packed rice, called “Micro Revo Rice”, being used by the Japan Self-Defense Forces. 1.3 million meals are planned for delivery this year. Mr. Masaaki Nagaoka, CEO of Nagaoka Shoji, was surprised by the good texture of Rakumeshi. He had hoped for many years to find a packed rice like this, and at last it came. Recognizing the revolutionary features of the pressurized microwave heating process, Mr. Nagaoka decided to name the product "Micro Revo Rice". His company’s continuing enthusiasm can be seen in their desire to sell more and more.


Nagaoka Shoji Co., Ltd.

Representative:Mr. Masaaki Nagaoka, CEO
Founded:February 1909
Scope: Food sales with a focus on drinking water, retort food and packed rice
Major Customers: Land, sea and air Japan Self-Defense Forces, prefectural government, police, fire departments, etc.

New Packed Rice Plant

Date of completion:January 11, 2011
Facility Operations:Rice storage, pre-processing (soaking), cooking, packaging, sterilization, inspection, shipping
Capacity:600 meals per hour
Products:As of February 10, 2011, there are 6 varieties of Micro Revo Rice (Hokkaido Sea-Food Mixed Rice, Chestnut Rice, Mixed Rice, Sushi Style Mixed Rice, Charcoal Style Chicken Rice, Curry Pilaf)

Production Facilities

Pressurized Microwave Heating Device

In Production

Six Varieties of Micro Revo Rice

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