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Satake Installs the Rice Mill in Honduras

December 13, 2011

November 1, 2011

Satake Installs the Rice Mill in Honduras

First Installation in Latin America of Satake's Weigher Creates Momentum for Future Sales Promotion

2010 New Environmental Exposition

Opening Celemony (4th from the left :
President of Honduras Porfirio Lobo Sosa)

Satake USA (Abbreviated SUS, location: Houston, Texas USA, President: Junjiro Naoki) installed the rice mill to the food company IMSA *1 in Honduras.

The founder and owner, Emin Abufele planned to build a new rice mill in San Pedro Sula, Honduras as part of IMSA's business expansion and ordered a complete rice mill from SUS in January, 2011.Satake installed processes from receiving dry paddy to packing white rice, including Satake's weigher (SLS/STBS), for the first time in Latin America.The milling capacity is 5t/h based on long paddy and rice storage capacity is up to 10,000 tons.The amount of the contract is roughly 1.2 million US dollars.About 400 people including the president of Honduras, ministers of congress, agriculture, industry and foreign affairs, Japanese ambassador to Honduras and media workers attended the rice mill's grand opening.

IMSA was founded in 1972 and started with one wheat milling facility. It has steadily grown to become an important part of Honduras' food industry.The food company supplies bagged ingredients such as wheat flour, corn tortilla flour and rice to Honduras' retail market.

Satake has installed rice mills in Honduras before. Based on this installation of the Satake's weigher for the first time in Latin America, we would like to introduce a sales promotion for weighers and rice milling systems in Honduras.

(*1) Industrias Molineras, S.A. de C.V. (Abbreviated IMSA): San Pedro Sula, Honduras

Outlines of IMSA Rice Mill

Amount of contract:
About 1,200,000 US dollars

Satake supplying range:
Engineering: Plant design and commissioning
Procurement: Supply of machinery such as the conveyor, rice whitener, optical sorter and weigher

5 t/h based on long paddy
Rice storage up to 10,000 t

American long gran/Domestic long grain

Outlines of Rice Mill:
Ordered all processes from receiving dry paddy to packing white rice (building excluded)

Construction place:
San Pedro Sula, Honduras

Rice Mill Interior

Rice Mill Interior

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