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Satake Launches Rinse-Free GABA Rice

February 2, 2012

February 2, 2012

Satake Launches Rinse-Free GABA Rice

Promoting the advantages of "Rinse-Free GABA Rice" to Consumers

Satake has begun selling Rinse-Free GABA Rice at "Omusubino-GABA", a handmade rice ball shop in Higashi-Hiroshima City.

"Rinse-Free GABA Rice" package

GABA (Gamma Aminobutyric Acid) is a functional component found in high quantities in germinated brown rice. Rinse-Free GABA Rice is milled rice which contains 13mg of GABA per 100g of rice. Because Rinse-Free GABA Rice has the same taste and texture as milled rice, Rinse-Free GABA Rice is an easy way to introduce GABA to your daily diet. Satake's long experience with rice processing technology enabled it to develop the Rinse-Free GABA Rice production system in 2009 and introduce Rinse-Free GABA Rice to the world.

Omusubino-GABA, a handmade rice ball shop that opened in December 2011, uses Rinse-Free GABA Rice. Customers who visit "Omusubino-GABA" have frequently asked if they could buy GABA rice to cook at home. To satisfy these requests, Satake began to sell Rinse-Free GABA Rice through the "Omusubino-GABA" store.

Two package sizes are available for Rinse-Free GABA Rice. The price is JPY 500 for a 1kg package and JPY 2,500 for a 5kg pack, including taxes. Rinse-Free GABA Rice is sold at "Omusubino-GABA", and it will soon be distributed via our web shop. The annual sales target for the first year is 7,000 packages.

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