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Hiroshima Head Office Begins Serving Rinse-Free GABA Rice

April 16, 2012

April 16, 2012

Hiroshima Head Office Begins Serving Rinse-Free GABA Rice

Move Aimed at Improving Employee Health

Satake Corporation (Head Office ; 2-30 Saijo-Nishihonmachi, Higashihiroshima City, Chairperson : Toshiko Satake) has begun serving Rinse-Free GABA Rice in its cafeterias.

A Cafeteria at lunch time

Rinse-Free GABA Rice is a type of rice rich in GABA (Gamma Aminobutyric Acid), similar to germinated brown rice. Unlike germinated brown rice, however, the taste and texture of Rinse-Free GABA Rice is as good as milled rice, making it easy to add healthy nutrients such as GABA to your diet.In December 2011, Satake opened a handmade rice ball shop named “Omusubino GABA” to promote Rinse-Free GABA Rice. In addition to selling Rinse-Free GABA Rice in the shop, Satake has also sold the rice through the internet since February 2012.

In addition to these activities, Satake has begun serving Rinse-Free GABA Rice at both cafeterias in its Hiroshima Head Office, with the goal of delivering the benefits of GABA to its employees and improving company health. All meals served with rice, such as lunch sets, curry and rice balls, are now served with Rinse-Free GABA Rice without any increase in price. About 10kg of Rinse-Free GABA Rice is consumed every day.

Rinse-Free GABA Rice

Some employees who recently ate Rinse-Free GABA Rice said the following: “It was sweeter and better in texture than regular rice;” “We appreciate that the company cares for our health;” and “I'm going to tell my friends about it because it’s delicious.” By promoting Rinse-Free GABA Rice, Satake wishes to contribute to the enhancement of consumer health while increasing rice consumption.

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