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Satake Helps Indonesian Rice Producers Meet Higher Quality Standards

May 16, 2012

May 16, 2012

Satake Helps Indonesian Rice Producers Meet Higher Quality Standards

As more Indonesian consumers choose quality over quantity, rice mills must supply high quality rice to remain competitive

Signing the contract(Second from left:Ms. Fara/owner of PT Lumbung Padi, Third from left:Mr. Hartanto/president of PT Praba Group, Fourth from left:Mr. Hari/director of PT Praba Group)

In March of this year, Satake entered into a contract with PT Lumbung Padi to supply rice milling machinery for PT Lumbung Padi's new rice mill.

Indonesia is the world’s third largest producer of rice. In recent years, Indonesian consumers have developed a keen eye for the rice quality. State-of-the-art rice processing machinery is needed to produce high quality rice for the increasingly discerning Indonesian consumer.

In order to meet the quality standards of their customers, the Indonesian company PT Lumbung Padi plans to construct a new rice mill in Surabaya in March 2013. PT Praba Group is the primary contractor in charge of design and construction work for this project. Satake received an order to outfit the rice milling facilities, signing the contract on March 29, 2012.

Satake was awarded the order based on its global reputation for excellence across the entire rice milling process, from receiving, drying and husking, to milling, grading, optical sorting and packing. While Satake has a long record of individual machine sales, this is the first time that Satake has supplied a complete, end-to-end milling line in Indonesia.

The milling system to be supplied by Satake uses advanced drying machines instead of the sun-drying processes previously used by PT Lumbung Padi. In addition, the grading section will feature state-of-the-art optical sorters; these two advancements will improve the quality of rice considerably. The new mill will also be equipped with weighers at each stage to provide accurate data on yields and machine conditions, helping PT Lumbung optimize plant efficiency and profit.

Through its commitment to supplying the Indonesian rice industry with high-quality rice processing machinery, Satake will continue to help Indonesian rice producers satisfy their increasingly discerning customers.


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