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Satake Receives Order for Large-size Rice Milling Plant in Cambodia

December 11, 2012

December 11, 2012

Satake Receives Order for Large-size Rice Milling Plant in Cambodia

Cambodian rice exporter builds their own rice mill to expand its business.

Satake received an order for a large-size rice milling plant from the Cambodian rice exporter Victrice Mill Co., Ltd on October 30.

Victrice Mill Co., Ltd exports and sells Cambodian fragrant milled rice*1 to Europe, mainly in France. Previously, the scope of their business was to only export milled rice without any in-house milling. In order to improve profitability and expand their export business, the company announced plans to build a rice mill to process rice in-house. On October 30, Satake entered into a contract with Victrice Mill to supply the rice milling machinery for their large-size rice milling plant. Satake was awarded the order because of its global reputation for excellence across the entire rice milling process.

The plant will consist of facilities for husking paddy into brown rice,milling brown rice into white rice, and sorting. Its processing capacity is around 20 tons per hour. Construction will begin in May 2013 and will be completed in September 2013. Victrice Mill is eager to expand its business further. Satake has been involved in more than 10 rice mills in Cambodia, and will continue to contribute to the rice processing industry around the world.

The new plant has a processing capacity of 3.5 tons per hour of paddy. Satake will supply cleaners, paddy huskers, rice milling machines, optical sorters and ancillary equipment to the mill.

*1 Rice with a distinctive flavor, (Variety)

(Main machinery)

Husker (Model: HR10FH)


Vertical Rice Whitener (Model: VTA15AB)


Optical Sorter (Model: RMGS1404)

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