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20 Years from Launching of Magic Rice?

February 18, 2015

February 18, 2015

20 Years from Launching of Magic Rice?

Further Advancement in Taste, Functionality and Convenience

Magic Rice? released in 1995

Satake Magic Rice?, instant rice products, turns 20 years from the very first development in 2015.

In late years according to the change in lifestyle and family structure, demand for quick cooking food products is increasing. Satake started working on the development of instant rice production line and installed it in a rice milling company in Spain. In 1992, Satake made a joint development agreement of cooked and dried rice production line with a rice milling company in the United States and kept improving its technology.

In 1995, the facility optimized for instant rice production using Japanese short grain was developed and Satake released instant rice product named “Magic Rice?”. The very first Magic Rice? was packed in a box together with seasoning (filling), and it took 7 minutes in a microwave for cooking after pouring rice, seasoning and water into a container. In 1996, it was packed in a disposable plastic cup and cooking time was reduced to 3 minutes. In 1997, the rice become possible to cook just pouring boiled water (without heating), and it was pouched in an aluminum-laminated bag with gusset. Its applications are widen to outdoor and travelling use.

After the quake in Kobe, demands for Magic Rice? increased as the emergency provisions from local governments and corporations. Satake developed instant rice which shelf life is extended to 5 years in 1998. In the meantime, Satake has focused on functionality of the Magic Rice? and launched “GABA Magic Rice?” in 2005, and “Germinated Brown Rice Salad” in 2007. By modifying instant rice production line, Satake released “Magic Pasta?” in 2009. In 2014, Magic Rice? without 27 specification allergic substance was added for so that more people can enjoy its benefit.


20 Years of Satake Magic Rice?
1990Satake starts working on the development of instant rice production line. The line is exported to Spain in 1991.
First Magic Rice

Magic Rice in Cup

Magic Rice for emergency provisions

Magic Rice Stand Pack

Germinated Brown Rice Salad

Magic Pasta

27 Kinds of Allergic substance Free Magic Rice
1992Satake makes a joint development agreement of cooked and dried rice production line with a rice milling company in the United States.
1995Magic Rice? is released which can be cooked in a microwave. White rice, Mixed rice and Mixed sushi are available.
1996New Magic Rice? in a disposable cup is released.New flavor of Garlic rice and Vegetable rice are added.
1997Dried curry, Red bean rice, Chicken porridge and Chinese-style porridge are added.
Pouch type Magic Rice? is released with the flavors of Mixed rice, Red bean rice, Dried curry and Chicken rice.
1998Magic Rice? for emergency provisions is released.
2000Magic Rice? mixed with barley is released.White rice, Mixed rice, Dried curry, Chicken rice, Red bean rice and Soybeans and seaweed rice are available.
2001Magic Rice? with heating agent is released.
2004Ochaduke (Magic Rice with green tea) is released with 4 flavors - Kabayaki, Salmon, Plum, and Wasabi.
2005GABA Magic Rice? is released.
Food additive free Magic Rice? is released. (White rice, Mushroom rice, Mixed rice)
2007 Germinated Brown Rice Salad is released.
2009Magic Pasta? (Carbonara, Neapolitan, Pepperoncino) are released.
2011Magic Rice? is renewed and can be prepared rice and porridge. Beef rice and Fried rice is added.
2013New flavors of Magic Rice? for emergency provisions become available - Fried rice and Plum and seaweed rice.
201427 Kinds of Allergic Substance Free Magic Rice? is released both for stand pack and emergency provisions.
Magic Pasta? is renewed. New flavor of Carbonara, Pepperoncino and Mushroom demigrace is available.

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