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Largest Rice Milling Plant in Indonesia Successfully Operating

February 24, 2015

February 24, 2015

Largest Rice Milling Plant in Indonesia Successfully Operating

Highly Rating our Total Engineering Systems

Panoramic View of TPS’s Husking and Milling Plant

Satake received the rice milling plant order from PT. Tiga Pilar Sejahtera Food, Tbk (hereinafter TPS) in 2012 completing a total of three lines by December 2014. It is now successfully operating as the largest state-of-the-art husking and milling plant in Indonesia.

TPS started the business in 1959 (established in 1992). They currently have business operations in three sectors including food process, rice milling and coconut plantation and process. Entering the rice milling sector in 2010 TPS now produces and sells many popular brand-name rice.

To expand the rice milling sector further, TPS planned for a new husking and milling plant in 2011 and turned their attention to selecting a capable rice milling plant manufacturer. After inspecting Satake Manufacturing (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. and rice milling plant manufactured by Satake in China, TPS rated highly the plant on offer. Finally the customer evaluated our latest “high total engineering systems”. TPS also required long-term training and support for the associated rice milling and processing technologies. This process resulted in Satake receiving the official order for a 15 t/h husking and milling plant (A line) in April 2012 (operations starting in April 2014).

After the first order, in line with the TPS continuous business development plan, SATAKE received a further order for a 12 t/h brown rice milling line (B line) in June 2013 and a 24 t/h brown rice milling line (C line) in November 2013 (B line started operation in August 2014, C line started operation in December 2014). This rice milling plant is now the largest in Indonesia and able to manufacture both high yield and high quality milled rice, thanks to SATAKE’s state-of-the-art technologies, in particular the use of optical sorters.

TPS plans to achieve a 5 % share of milled rice production volume in Indonesia by 2020 and is developing plans to construct a further new rice milling plant. TPS also intends to stabilize and enhances the lives of local farmers who supply material (paddy) to the plants due to their business expansion. Satake intends to continue to support TPS’s business in the aspect of manufacturing plants and training in rice milling and processing technology.


Outline of TPS’ Husking and Milling Plant in Indonesia
  1. Company: PT. Tiga Pilar Sejahtera Food, Tbk
    (President Director; Mr.Joko Mogoginta)
  2. Place of plant: JL.SOLO SRAGEN KM.23RT.017/004,DS.DUYUNGAN.KEC.
    SIDOHARJO,KAB.SRAGEN Zip No.57281 (Sragen city, Java, Indonesia)
  3. Capacity: A line: Husking and milling line 15 t/h (dried paddy input)
    B line: Brown rice milling line 12 t/h (brown rice input)
    C line: Brown rice milling line 24 t/h (brown rice input)
  4. Supplied machinery: Pre-cleaner, paddy husker, rice whitener, optical sorter, packer
  5. Contract and start of operation: A line: Contract April 2012, Start of operation April 2014
    B line: Contract June 2013, Start of operation August 2014
    C line: Contract November 2013, Start of operation December 2014

Installed Optical Sorter

Capital Jakarta and Sragen

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