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New Magic Rice "Specialty Porridge"New Magic IH Rice Cooker with "Rice Activation Function"

September 16, 2004

September 16,2004

New Magic Rice "Specialty Porridge"New Magic IH Rice Cooker with "Rice Activation Function"

Proposing a new diet through the pursuit of better taste and health

The Satake Corporation has released new line-ups for its Magic Rice products, the "Specialty Porridge" from September 1st.and also the new Magic IH Rice Cooker with a "Rice Activation Function" on September 21st.

This "Specialty Porridge" contains "fresh ingredients" packed in a retorted pouch. Compared to the previous Magic Rice Porridge products that use all dried ingredients, the Specialty Porridge is much juicier and has better flavors. The product contains rice (dried) inside, so the meal can be prepared by only adding hot water, any time, anywhere. It is suitable for taking along with you to outside leisure pursuits, travel abroad, or even for enjoying a light meal in your home.There are two types of Specialty Porridge, "Eel" and "Salmon," and they are sold in outdoor or travel goods shops and in some department stores. A single pack contains the amount of rice equal to a rice bowl. The price is \473 for eel porridge and \415 for salmon porridge.
The new "Magic IH Rice Cooker" has a unique "Rice Activation Function" that Satake has developed. Just put either brown rice(※1), germinated rice or partially milled rice into the cooker, and press a button. The rice will be activated, and in a short period of time produces GABA (※2) that is good for your health . This functional benefit is especially recommended for people with high blood pressure, or others who want to maintain their youth.
The inner pot is of 7mm thickness, which preserves heat like an earthen pot to ensure a better taste of the cooked rice. The inner coating of the pot has passed a durability test of rinsing rice inside the pot for 5000 times.The color of the rice cooker is dark silver. It can be bought either through mail order or at some department stores. The price is \51,450.

(※1) There is "Brown Rice Activation Function" also.(※2) GABA (Gamma Amino Butyric Acid) has the effect of improving blood circulation in the brain, and increasing its oxygen supply. It also helps normalization of blood pressure, and inhibit the excitation of neurons.

Magic Rice and Magic IH Rice Cooker

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