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“Rice School” Opens August 18th.

August 22, 2005

August 22, 2005

“Rice School” Opens August 18th.

Supporting Dietary Education through Rice Milling Experiences and Lectures at Hiroshima Head Office

On August 18th, Satake opened “Rice School” to the general public and children in elementary and middle school. Rice School is part of an initiative to support dietary education and to deepen the understanding of rice by the public. The first session will welcome 25 pupils from Teranishi Elementary School. Details for the 1st section are below.

About the “1st Rice School”

(1) Date : August 18, 2005 8:50 - 12:00

(2) Venue : Satake Corporation (Hiroshima Head Office)

(3) Curriculum

1. Lecture about rice, from paddy field to kitchen.
2. Rice milling experience using “Magic Mill” kitchen rice mill.
3.Tasting “Magic Rice” instant rice.
4.Observation of the latest rice milling machinery
5.Laboratory Tour
6.Satake History Museum Tour etc.

(4) Attendees : 25 pupils and teachers from Teranishi Municipal Elementary School.

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