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Satake Exhibits at FOOMA 2006

June 6, 2006

June 6, 2006

Satake Exhibits at FOOMA 2006

Japan's biggest Food Machinery Exhibition


FOOMA (Japan's biggest Food Machinery Exhibition) 2006 was held from June 6 to June 9 at the Tokyo International Exhibition Center (Big Sight)

The exhibits shown by Satake Corporation were grouped into four areas:

?EArea-A : New Technology and Products

Much interest was generated by our new products in this area which among others included :The Cracked Rice Optical Sorter; a Full Color Belt Sorter and the "Agri-View" Field Diagnosis System. The Pre-washed GABA rich rice and functional rice production system attracted particular interest from the market.

?EArea-B : Rice Mill for the 21st Century

Multi-Story Rice Mills with Container Storage and Transportation, and Mill Management FA Systems either of which ensures traceability in rice products and flexible operation of the mills, are the trends in Japan, and attracted attentions from the industry. The trend continues in the areas of product "Safety" and "Peace of Mind" production techniques and as a result the demonstration of the Optical Sorter brought particular attention.

?EArea-C : Satake Rice Products

Satake suggested the "Magic Rice" (Satake instant rice products) as an "emergency ration store". In the light of recent natural disasters , the visitors showed high interest in this area and many enquiries were recived for the Magic Rice products. A Kitchen Rice Mill unit called "Magic Mill" and Kitchen IH Rice Cooker called "Magic IH Cooker" were also sold from the exhibition booth.

?EArea-D : Healthy Diet and Education

Finally - our social program for health diet and education was introduced. Under this program Satake periodically opens its Hiroshima head office to the community and holds the "Rice School". Photos and Videos of the "Rice School" were exhibited , along with topical documents and literature.

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