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Kanuma City Compost Plant Complete and Running

November 7, 2006

November 7, 2006

Kanuma City Compost Plant Complete and Running

Satake Know How Completes Major environmental project

Kanuma City Compost Plant

November 2, 2006 saw the opening by Kanuma City of the Kanuma City Compost Plant.

Kanuma City Compost Center was planned and established by the city for the benefit of the rural community, allowing proper after-treatment of livestock waste along with the effective utilization of organic resources and the promotion of recycling. In a field area of 4.57ha, the plant is able to treat approximately 30,000 tons of waste, comprising livestock excretion and food waste mixed with husk and straw, into farmyard compost.

The Compost Center is facilitated with High-Speed Fermentation Accelerators, Rotary Agitators, Deodorizer, Carbonizer, and other ancillary machinery, solely supplied and installed by Satake Corporation.

During the planning phase in 2004, Kanuma City received proposals from 10 potential suppliers. Ultimately the Satake solution was chosen as the most suitable.

Satake Corporation aims to help contribute to the development of a sustainable society through their development of a series of new environmental technologies, such as: composting plants and biomass power generation plants among others.

Details of Kanuma City Compost Plant
  1. Location : Aburadenmachi, Kanuma City, Tochigi Prefecture
  2. Annual Operation Days : 250 days
  3. Estimated Reception
  4. ProcessInputCapacity (unit : ton)
    CompostingLivestock ExcretionDairy Cattle18,59874.4
    Beef Cattle4,35217.4
    Breeding Cattle3161.3
    Other Livestock1,4185.7
    Food Waste from Public Sector930.4
    Agricultural WasteRice Husk4001.6
    Rice Straws2,0008.0
    Wheat Straws3001.2
  5. Main Machinery
  • Truck Load Scale
  • Automated Receiving Section (including 7 cranes)
  • High-Speed Fermentation Accelerators (20m3 x 2units, 10m3 x 1unit, 5m3 x 1unit)
  • Rotary Agitators (4.0m x 55m x 1.4m x 3 lanes x 4 units)
  • Deodorizer
  • Sifter
  • Automatic Scale and Bagging Machine
  • Crusher
  • Carbonizer etc.

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