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Satake Installs Commercial Biomass Gasification Power Plants in Thailand

February 14, 2008

February 14, 2008

Satake Installs Commercial Biomass Gasification Power Plants in Thailand

First plant to come online this year

Biomass Gasification Power Plant
at Suranaree University of Technology

Satake has been awarded two contracts of Biomass Gasification Power Plant by two Thai companies in appreciation for the successful biomass gasification power plant at Suranaree University of Technology in Thailand. The first commercial biomass power plant in Thailand will be up and running this year.

A+POWER Co., Ltd.*(1)

The plant, to be located in the temple of WAT PRABAT NAMPOO*(2), will generate power of 1,800kW. PEA (Provincial Electricity Agency) will purchase 1,500kW from A+POWER.   The construction will begin April 2008, and will be completed in February 2009.

Thai Urethane Plastic*(3) Co., Ltd.

Thai Urethane Plastic has purchased two plants. The first plant is heat duty application to generate steam to produce synthetic resin, and will be completed in August 2008. The second plant will generate power of 900kW, and will be completed in August 2008.
The second, with a generating capacity of 900kw, will be ready in March 2009. Energy in excess of the company’s need will be sold to PEA.
This is the first biomass gasification power plant that have obtained the first DOE*(4) approval in Thailand.

*(1) A+POWER社 A+POWER Co., Ltd.
A+POWER is a newly-established biomass gasification power producing company in Thailand.
Wat Prabat Nampoo is a Buddhist temple located in LOPBURI, two and half hours’ drive to the northeast of Bangkok.
Dharmaraksa Foundation is famous for helping HIV AIDS patients.
Once this biomass gasification power plant starts up, the profit obtained by selling power will be reinvested in the facility and used for hospital, medicine, school, and lodging for HIV AIDS patients.
Planting and supplying the fast-growing trees as a biomass fuel for the power plant will help secure jobs of patients’ families and keep power plant remain self-reliant.
*(3) Thai Urethane Plastic Co., Ltd.
Thai Urethane Plastic is an internationally aggressive private company which manufactures and sells synthetic resin and polyurethane in Thailand.
DOE stands for “Designated Operation Entity”.
This organization reviews and validates greenhouse gas emission reduction according to CDM, the Clean Development Mechanism, of the Kyoto Protocol.

Satake’s Path to Biomass Gasification

Satake Corporation has a license affiliation with the Indian Institute of Science on the biomass gasification power plant and had entered into exclusive sales agreement in several Asian countries including Japan since 2002.
In 2004, Satake installed two biomass gasification test plants, one at Satake and the other at Hiroshima Environment Laboratory in Japan and another biomass gasification test plant at Suranaree University of Technology in Thailand in 2005.
Satake has been aggressively pursuing effective utilization of biomass producer gas and evaluating the feasibility of biomass gasification in Asia where biomass is readily available.
Further to our current biomass gasification power plants, Satake will start marketing for briquetting system for various biomass.
Satake will continue to provide environmentally-friendly energy through our biomass utilization system and work on prevention on global warming.

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