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Expanding Rice Consumption through Dietary Education

July 22, 2008

July 22, 2008

Expanding Rice Consumption through Dietary Education

Satake's jointly developed TV program

Rice consumption is on the rise against a backdrop of rising wheat prices, strong domestic product-consciousness, and a reevaluation of rice’s role in a healthy diet.Encouraged by this, Satake Corporation intends to further expand rice consumption through a dietary education program called “Dietary Education! Rice Explorer,” designed for elementary school students.Produced in collaboration with KAMON Cable TV, a total of eight episodes will be broadcast on KAMON Cable TV between May and December, 2008.

"Rice Explorer" is a five minute program which explains in simple terms subjects ranging from the safety of domestic rice and the positive health effects of a rice diet to ways to use rice flour.

Satake hopes the program will be used to supplement food education in schools.

Satake aspires to develop human resources with a great deal of food expertise and to promote Japanese agriculture through dietary education.

Guided by these principles, Satake began hosting the "Rice School," a hands-on learning experience aimed at elementary and junior high school students, in August, 2005. Over 3000 students have participated so far.

Satake will continue to support such society enriching activities in the future.

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