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Sales Begin for Satake Pellet Sorter

March 31, 2009

March 31, 2009

Sales Begin for Satake Pellet Sorter

Handles even clear or glossy plastics

Optical Seaweed Sorter

Satake's newest optical sorter, the Pellet Sorter, went on sale on April 1, 2009. Designed specifically to process plastic pellets, it is especially well suited to sorting the transparent or glossy plastics which can be difficult to process using general purpose optical sorters.

The Pellet Sorter removes irregular materials from plastic pellets at a maximum flow rate of 2.0 tons per hour. A 600mm wide belt conveys materials to the sorting section, where a line of CCD cameras rapidly determines on an individual basis if pellets are to be accepted or rejected. Rejected pellets are then removed by compressed air fired from high speed ejector valves.

The Pellet Sorter is equipped with 0.06mm resolution cameras capable of detecting even the smallest black spots. To minimize good product lost while maximizing product purity, materials that successfully pass through the upper sorting section are sorted again in the lower section (2 stage sorting style). In addition, the specially designed Pellet Sorter can accurately process clear or glossy plastics which most sorters cannot.

Satake expects to sell twenty machines per year to plastic manufacturers and recyclers.

Model TypePCS600BFD
CapacityPlastic pellet: 0.1 - 2.0 t/h (*1)
Required powerMax. 3.8 kW
Mass1,500 kg
MaterialMain body: SUS304
Sorting styleTwo-stage sorting using CCD sensors
Feeding sectionElectromagnetic feeder (Flow rate controlled by vibration sensor)
Belt conveyorUsable width: 590 mm X length: 850 mm
Quantity: 2 pcs. (1 pc. each for upper and lower sections)
Static electricity removalAir blow style
Quantity: 2 pcs. (1 pc. each for upper and lower sections)
SensorCCD camera, resolution 0.06 mm×0.06 mm, 2048 pixels
Quantity: 10 pcs. (5 pcs. each for upper and lower sections)
Light sourceFluorescent lamp, Quantity: 12 pcs. (6 pcs. each for upper and lower section)
Control sectionTouch panel type (Fixed) Windows XP embedded
Air volume1000 - 1500 NL/min (Compressor 11.0 - 15.0 kW)
Air pressure0.25 MPa (0.7 MPa supply)
Dust collecting air volume (*2)Main body suction duct: 20 m3/min (1.0 kW)
DimensionsWidth 1,650 mm X Length 2,200 mm X Height 1,933 mm

(*1) Capacity and sorting performance vary depending on the state of materials.
(*2) When using the optional dust collector.

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