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Satake Develops Food Waste Recycling and Livestock Feed Plant

September 28, 2009

September 28, 2009

Satake Develops Food Waste Recycling and Livestock Feed Plant

Powered by Environmentally Friendly Bio-fuels

Feed Plant

Satake, together with Zeromu Environmental Engineering, has developed a recycling plant that is powered by wood biomass instead of fossil fuels. The pilot plant has been running smoothly since February of this year. Satake plans to sell complete plants in the future.

The Livestock Feed and Food Waste Recycling Plant dries food byproducts, including vegetable scraps and bean curd waste, to produce feed for animals such as cows. Conventional systems use dryers powered by fossil fuels, but this plant uses wood biomass fuel (cut and thinned woodchips) to heat the air that dries and purifies the feed.

Plant Benefits: 1. CO2 reduction through the use of alternative fuels 2. Effective recycling of food byproducts 3. Safe feed: any bacteria is killed in dry, hot air at temperatures up to 150 ℃. 4. Approximately 95% reduction in fossil fuel usage

The pilot plant, located in Kusatsu, Shiga Prefecture, has been running smoothly since February 2009. The excellent performance of the pilot plant has prompted Satake to set a goal of selling 10 units over the next few years.


Pilot Plant Process Diagram

About the Pilot Plant
Raw materials are dried with the biomass powered two-axis multi-purpose dryer for 6 hours. Raw material is dried from 85% moisture to 10% and then shipped as feed in flexible containers.

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