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Denny's merges with Satake Australia

January 21, 2019

January 21, 2019

Denny's merges with Satake Australia

Fully Utilize the Synergies of Satake Group to Further Enhance


Kenji Yamashita, President & CEO, Satake Australia Pty. Ltd.

Hiroshima, Japan; January 25, 2019 - Satake Corporation announces a merger of two of its subsidiaries in Australia, Denny's Engineering and Welding Pty. Ltd. (DEW) and Satake Australia Pty. Ltd.(SAU). The merger began on January 1st, 2019. DEW is now a Denny's Silo division of SAU and continues designing and manufacturing of grain silos and grain handling equipment under "Denny's" brand.

DEW joined Satake Group in June, 2015, when SAU acquired 100% of its ownership. The acquisition provided a multi-faceted benefit to both companies, i.e., it gave DEW access to a new global and expanded domestic sales network with focus on South East Asia and the Pacific Region. The deal provided Satake Group an access to world class bulk handling and storage equipment, further enhancing their capabilities as the leading supplier of rice and grain handling solutions in the world.

Kenji Yamashita, President and CEO of Satake Australia Pty. Ltd. (SAU), says "we spent successful 4 years since the acquisition in integrating technologies and culture of the two companies in order to bring ourselves into higher level of expertise in what we specialize, grain handling and processing, without sacrificing any of the elements that made both companies successful over several generations."
Kenji continues "the time is ripe".

With powerful reinforcement of the Denny's Silo division, SAU will now further enhance and push its business to all area in the grain processing industry. Kenji says "Satake Australia will take full advantage of the synergies of Satake Group as a whole. From grain processing equipment to grain handling and storage, providing total solutions to our existing and potential customers' business needs. We are very excited about this merger."

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Kenji Yamashita

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<Head office/Process Division office>

15 Leland Street, Penrith, N.S.W., 2750, Australia

<Denny's Silo division office>

32 Haig Rd, Allora, Qld. 4362, Australia




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