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Official Website Renewal

March 8, 2018

Official Website Renewal

Enhanced Design for User-friendly Informative Website

Hiroshima, Japan; March 08, 2018 - SATAKE announces renewal of its corporate website for enhanced usability. The site is released on February 28th, 2018.

Satake's corporate site has a new smart-phone friendly design. Contents are adjusted to the viewing size. For example, larger data such as movies are replaced with pictures when viewed in smaller screen like smart-phone to reduce loading times and for better visibility. Additionally, internet communication is more secure and product catalogs are now easier to find and download.

Akira Takimoto, Assistant Manager from Satake PR Office says "with this new design, along with other SNS such as Facebook and YouTube we utilize to promote our company and its activities, we hope to send our corporate information and message out not only to our customers and potential customers, but also to the general public globally."

New website (top-page) design

Satake's renewed website address is found at ;

(Accessing old address, http://www.satake-japan.co.jp, will be automatically re-directed to the new address.)

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