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Optical Sorter FMSR-IR Made Debut at Pack Expo Las Vegas

October 16, 2019

October 16, 2019

Optical Sorter FMSR-IR Made Debut at Pack Expo Las Vegas

Advanced mid-size full-color sorter with IR for various industries


FMSR-IR at the Expo

Houston, United States of America; October 16, 2019 - On September 23rd, 2019, Satake USA, Inc. announced a debut of its latest optical sorter FMSR-IR at the Pack Expo Las Vegas.

The new FMSR-IR series is an all-in-one machine with Satake's latest RGB technology, IR, and Shape sorting capabilities all together in one machine to remove unwanted products such as discoloration, foreign material, and irregular-shape defects from products such as tree-nuts, dry beans, corn, seeds, plastics, and a wide variety of products. Additionally, it is equipped with user-friendly intelligent software interface with automatic accept and defect profile creation. Although production capacity depends on incoming product conditions and chute configurations, the FMSR-IR is capable of sorting corn, for example, at 9 tons per hour and pinto beans at 7 tons per hour, with 3 chute primary sort configuration. Furthermore, FMSR-IR comes with standard stainless steel removable Accept/Reject hopper for easy cleaning, sanitation, and maintenance.

The FMSR-IR is designed based on the popular "FMS series Optical Sorter" originally developed in Japan. It utilizes pre-assembled core components, optics for example, manufactured in Japan for the highest sorting performance and to provide affordable solutions to processors seeking for higher product output quality with mid-size capacity. Satake will continue to exhibit FMSR-IR at other exhibitions through 2020.

For sample tests and other inquiries, contact Satake USA at www.satake-usa.com.

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【About FMSR-IR】


Model Number:


Product Features:

(1) Satake 3S Smart Sensitivity software

(2) Full color High Resolution RGB camera (0.14mm/pixel)

(3) Infrared Cameras are standard

(4) Size + Shape sorting

(5) Precision 5mm air ejectors

(6) Stainless Steel removable Accept/Reject Hoppers for easy cleaning and increased sanitation

(7) Real time accept and reject sampling

(8) Automatic accept and defect profile creation

(9) Advanced touch screen user interface

(10) No downtime for calibration

(11) 240mm wide chutes with vibratory feeder system

Specifications :

Model Number FMSR03-IR
Sorting Width 240mm x 3 = 720mm
Camera RGB Full Color Cameras
and NIR Cameras
Light Source RGB CCFL
Air Ejector Count 144
Power Supply Single Phase, AC200-240V
Required Air Volume
(100L/min. ejector)
Dust Collector 1200CFM
Required Power 1.8kW
Operation Screen Full Color Touch Screen
Dimension 50.1in.(W) x 73.5in.(L) x 75.0in.(H)
1273mm(W) x 1867mm(L) x 1905mm(H)
Net Weight 900lb
Standard Operating
Environmental Conditions
Temperature: 32-104degF (0-40degC)
Humidity: 85% or less (non-condensing)
Noise Level 86dB

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