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Satake's New Lineup of Flow Scales

March 16, 2022

March 16, 2022

Satake's New Lineup of Flow Scales

Larger capacity with a more compact design


IFW100A-T (Right) and IFW150A-T

Hiroshima, Japan; March 7, 2022 - Satake announces its new compact, high-capacity flow scales. The IFW series provides high weighing capacities while maintaining a minimal foot print. With maximum capacities of 80 metric ton/hour and 120 metric ton/hour respectively, IFW100A-T and IFW150A-T are accurate weighing solutions for large rice milling plants.

The higher capacity IFW150A-T provides an accurate, high-capacity weighing solution in a small package, with dimensions of only 1.6 x 1.7 x 2.2 meters. To facilitate improved process control, weighing information is shown on both an attached touch panel and at the central operating system, improving convenience and reducing operational costs.

Each IFW model consists of a supply tank, a weighing hopper, a discharge gate, and an operational panel. The machines are designed to handle the weighing needs of many of the unit processes in rice milling including product receiving. IFW100 can be used to weigh paddy (receiving process), brown rice (hulling process), and white rice (milling process). IFW150 is specifically designed for paddy weighing (receiving process).

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Model IFW100A-T IFW150A-T
Material White rice, Brown rice, Paddy Paddy
Maximum Capacity*2 110³/h
(White and Brown rice: 80 t/h)
(Dried Paddy: 55 t/h)
(Wet Paddy: 50 t/h)
(Dried Paddy: 120 t/h)
(Wet Paddy:100 t/h)
Accuracy (%) *3 ±0.1 Full Scale
Power Supply (V) Single Phase AC220 ±10%
Frequency (Hz) 50/60
Power Consumption (W) 50
Air Source (MPa) 0.4 0.6
Air Consumption (l/min) 200 600
Temperature (℃) 0-40
Humidity (%) 20-80 (No condensation)
Noise Value (dB) 73 78

*2, 3 Capacity and accuracy may vary depending on variety, condition of material, and contaminants.

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